Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Smoke and CO Day!

I'm moving right along with the condo sale. With 15 days left, I'm currently sitting in the house waiting for the city's inspector to come look at the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to provide a certification for that. I've made quite a bit of progress on my to-do list on the house. I've gotten the closing lawyer most of the information they need about the mortgage. I'm dealing with the smoke/CO cert now. I've still got the get the 6d document together. Other than that I think this is all for me.

The inspection just happened. Literally, I let in three firemen (showed up in a fire truck, by the way). They looked at the smoke detector and pushed a button. They looked at the Carbon detector, pushed that button. Then they told me to pick up the certificate before noon and gave me an address. I'm not kidding it was less than 5 min total, and required three people. What a wonderfully efficient system they run. But I suppose I passed, so that's a good thing. Now to go pick up the cert!

I remember when I bought my house that the time between my offer and closing flew by. This is the exact opposite. It's dragging. I want it to be two weeks from now so bad.

Mrs. Lwil and I are also meeting with an agent tonight to talk about rental properties. We're wavering from our initial single family only though, and looking into a corporate type of townhouse setting. I think we're also jumping the gun a little bit. Ideally, we would stay put for three months and save lots of cash, or pay down a portion of our debt. At the same time, we really want to move and settle in. Originally we were looking at September, then August, now we're thinking about June or July.

Here's to hoping that all keeps going smoothly on the house, and it doesn't cost me any more money than it already has!

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