Friday, March 18, 2011

Phone Tag

About three weeks ago, I got an email through Linked in from a recruiter for a major company with a local headquarters. The email included a link to an open position that was very closely related to what I currently do. I was immediately excited because this was a good opportunity to brush the rust off of my interview skills, and test the waters. I have no real intention of leaving my current job, and would need to be blown away by an offer, but I would never turn down the opportunity to see what the other side had for me.

I sent an email back within an hour, polished up my resume and followed up with that, and then got an email letting me know that my info had been passed along to another recruiter. I've been playing phone tag for the past three weeks. It's a really frustrating experience. I leave fairly detailed messages with what number I'm available at and what times I'll be available. I never get a call back at those times. She leaves messages on what times she'll be available, but never picks up.

I'm starting to think it's not worth the effort; after all, the offer would really have to blow me away for me to even seriously consider it. All I really want is to get some intel and show that I can still market myself. I'm really starting to wonder if I should just give up though. If you're a corporate recruiter, it's in your best interest to call candidates when they say they are available, and to answer your phone when you say you're going to be available!

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