Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Links

Links to some of the favorite things I've read this week.

a Sun called Beetle Juice!
In this story, which is not very heavy on Science like I thought it might be, we hear about the possibility that a "nearby" star called Betelgeuse will collapse, then explode causing the earth to be light 24 hours a day for weeks. According to the article this could happen in 2012, or in 1 million years (otherwise known as 1002012) I suppose it all depends on if we say its name 3 times in a row? I'm amazed by how advanced we've become and how little we still know. Either way, Betelgeuse is coming for us, and he's bringing Neutrinos! (which I think is a brand of frozen pizza)

GAS Crisis! GAS Crisis! See what a former Shell Exec has to say
I've seen this article all over, and the scary take away is $5/gallon gas, and crisis level shortages in about 10 years.. My truck gets less than 14 Miles a gallon regularly, so this is a bit of a scary proposition. The big push is for alternate sources of energy, as it should be. Take this article with a suspicious eye on two accounts. 1. It's from Fox news, and 2. The interviewee is a former oil exec.

Get Rich Slowly is talking about mortgage walkaway and Strategic Default

I fall on the business decision side of this equation. A mortgage contact gives you certain options, and consequences to those options. I see no issue with breaking the contract if you're willing to accept the consequence. There's a huge side to this that pushes personal responsibility and morality, and that side makes very good points, they are just points I don't happen to agree with. I wish I could someday write content that generates as much discussion as this post did.

Matt at Bruce Bucks used an old post to remind himself Why I Want to be Debt Free
This is something that I think helps everyone, no matter what your goal. Write down what you goal is, and what you need to do to get there. Refer to it often. I was thinking about that this morning, I'm happy with my career, but I didn't set out to get here. What if someone had taken the time to talk to 17 year old me to talk about what I was going to learn in college, and what I wanted to do in life. I never had that conversation growing up.

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